Apr 12
Convenient online ordering with contactless QR codes and more

convenient ordering

It would be fair to say that online ordering systems are no longer a luxury for businesses – they are essential. While this technology was always going to be a vital asset at some point, it seems that a rather disruptive global incident propelled these platforms into the mainstream so much faster than we could all anticipate.

At Beyond Payments, we want to keep you up-to-date in the most seamless way possible, which is why we are offering a convenient and contactless ordering, delivery and payment system for customers. Introducing Beyond Online Ordering (BOO) – our new, all-in-one ordering platform.

BOO is comprised of many flexible online ordering options, including online checkouts, pick-up, delivery and dine-in options, contactless QR code table ordering, digital menus, multi-page online shopfronts and a lot more. Basically, customers can place orders on desktop or mobile with absolute ease, and all they need is an internet connection.

These handy payment processing systems not only increase your revenue and reduce your operational costs, but also enable your team members to spend more time interacting meaningfully with patrons, because we know more than anyone that customer experience is key, no matter what kind of industry you are in.

With our technology, businesses can also access super useful customer marketing databases complete with sales data, product statistics, delivery reports and other valuable insights that drive profit generating ideas. By accessing customer intel when and how you want, you can understand your patron’s purchasing decisions more deeply to enrich the quality of future transactions.

Needless to say, our ordering platform is pretty neat, especially considering it has been handcrafted with businesses in mind. However, if any of this sounds complicated at all, we will always be on hand to help integrate and install all of the necessary hardware to ensure you are up and running with these shiny new ordering systems. We will even provide you with a tablet and receipt printer if your existing hardware doesn’t support our system.

Rest assured, BOO also comes with world-class fraud protection and no sneaky hidden fees or commissions, so you can experience the peace of mind you have come to expect from partnering with Beyond Payments.

Last, but not least, and quite possibly the best feature of our online ordering platform is our Feeless payment processing. All card fees associated with payments are automatically surcharged on to the customer, meaning you don’t wear the cost of each transaction

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