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Be feeless and stop handing over the lion’s share of the revenue you generate to excessive card processing fees.

Our team will tailor a seamless solution to eliminate your eftpos fees, boost your margins, and ensure a smooth customer experience when compliantly passing on a payment processing fee.

so, what is feeless eftpos?

A feeless EFTPOS solution is where a payment processing fee (surcharge) is passed onto customers when they purchase a particular product or service and pay for it using a debit or credit, or loyalty card.

The business using the facility does not bear any costs whatsoever on card transactions related to the said cashless purchase by the customer. This includes the cost of the merchant service fee (MSF), interchange fee, scheme fee, terminal rental fee, monthly maintenance fee and even stationery fees like thermal paper rolls. Simply: by never paying fees, your business saves money.

An important consideration when assessing feeless, fee-free or zero-cost eftpos payment providers is how the payment surcharge is applied, as it must be fully compliant with current legislation. The ACCC and RBA have stringent guidelines in place relating to credit and debit surcharges, so it’s critical to ensure your feeless eftpos solution is compliant to keep your business on the right side of the law.

Eftpos terminal by Beyond Payments

our feeless eftpos solution works as hard as you do

Just plug and play. Our terminals will do the rest.

  • Zero Merchant Service Fees
  • Fully compliant with ACCC and RBA regulations
  • No up-front hardware or terminal rental costs
  • We’ll even provide you with free paper rolls

Same Day

7 days a week, even on public holidays, to the bank account of your choice.

24/7 Onshore Local
Technical Support

Real people providing truly local support for your payment system. That’s us.

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Lightning-fast & Reliable Terminals

Only the latest eftpos hardware and technology for speed and ease of use.

Feature rich

with Advanced Reporting, Tipping, MOTO, dual sim, bluetooth, WiFi and Ethernet capability.

want the
latest tech?
we’ve got it.

beyond terminals… beyond belief

Thanks to our extensive range of eftpos machines and hardware, you are sure to find a payment terminal to suit your business.

Our eftpos terminals today are faster, smarter, sleeker and more reliable than ever.


Beyond Payments Ingenico Move 5000 Eftpos terminal



Brent Staker of Beyond Payments with a Beyond Payments eftpos machine

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If the payment processing solution you settle on doesn’t seamlessly integrate with your point-of-sale (POS) system, it’s all for nothing. We get that, and that is why we step you through the entire installation process to make sure everything connects and performs as it should, efficiently and effectively.

Our terminals integrate with more than 500 existing POS systems. We can even build a custom, direct integration if necessary.

integrates with more than 500 existing POS systems

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