So, how on earth does all this online payment technology work?
Well, we demystify it for you.

Whether you’re launching a new e-commerce site, selling on social media or via an app, or adding online payments to your existing website, we have a fast, secure way to accept payments, any day, any time. We’ll even assist you to install it.

Our solutions are suitable for small merchants right through to large international businesses.


seamless shopping

Clunky website checkouts and payment links are a turn-off, as a matter of fact, they turn your customers away. We’re here to enhance your customer experience so your customers can pay you easily and with confidence.

any currency

We enable your international customers to pay in their own currency thanks to a nifty bit of tech called DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion). Your prices are immediately converted to the selected foreign currency at the click of a button.

easy integration

For merchants with basic eCommerce needs, our Payment Gateway comes pre-integrated with the most popular shopping carts. Naturally, we can also tailor make a bespoke payment solution to meet your requirements.

App developers can benefit too by accessing our Payment Gateway through web service integration with our API (application programming interface).

Our Virtual Terminal Portal also contains all the functionality required to manage your payment gateway from performing refunds to voiding transactions and customising payment receipts and email notifications.

credit card

This offers your customers the convenience of storing their card details on your payment gateway for future purchases without fear of losing their sensitive card data. The card details are contained within a secure, managed vault.


Real time reports with interactive graphs and charts to understand your business better. Reconcile transactions, research settlement information, produce monthly and YTD statements, you name it, you can do it with ease.

stop fraudsters,
not shoppers

Built-in tools enable you to configure your desired security settings. So, whether it is 128-bit encryption, data vault multi-pay tokens, 3-D secure authentication, CVV (Card Verification Value) support or fraud controls such as card block and Bin block, we will help you attain the level of security you require.

beyond words

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