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Beyond Payments feeless merchant solution

Our fee-free EFTPOS solution is a fully compliant payment processing system that seamlessly integrates with your POS, with funds being settled on the day of transactions. Above all, Beyond Payments helps you recover 100% of your merchant service costs.

first fully compliant feeless
solution provider in Australia.

Beyond Payments is officially the first, fully compliant, feeless payment processing solution in Australia. On top of that, Beyond Payments is now backed by the largest global Fintech payments company– Fiserv. As market leaders, Beyond Payments is proud to innovate in the ever-growing eCommerce space.

enables you to fully recover 100%
of your merchant service costs.

With more and more customers opting to pay on card, businesses like yours can’t always foot the bill. Card transactional fees increase the costs of doing business, slowly chipping into your hard-earned profits. Therefore, there is real value in eliminating those costs with our industry-leading, feeless payment solutions.

eliminate the risk of rising merchant interchange and scheme fees and associated banking charges.

With charges differing from card to card, using a flat payment processing fee would result in a substantial loss on certain transactions.

At Beyond Payments, we ensure that all merchant fees are absorbed by the customer. Moreover, Beyond Payments assumes all the risks associated with fluctuating premium card rates. You can rest assured, knowing that you will never have to pay a single cent on merchant fees!

little training is required to implement our payment processing system.

Beyond Payment’s state-of-the-art payments solutions are incredibly user-friendly and hassle-free to set up. Unlike our competitors, there is no need to change bank accounts, nor are there any terminal fees to pay.

Above all, our payment processing system integrates directly with your POS, ensuring your business operates unhindered.

ensures your business is fully compliant with current legislation.

Many business owners are unaware of the ACCC and RBA guidelines centered on credit and debit card payment processing fees. This puts your business at risk of running foul of these regulatory bodies, potentially incurring huge fines.

At Beyond Payments, our EFTPOS payment processing solutions are 100% compliant with the guidelines above. Thus, you can rest easy, knowing that your business is always in abidance with the law.

same day settlement.

At Beyond Payments, we understand that “cash flow is king”. Thus, all funds are automatically settled on the EFTPOS terminal on the same day of transactions.

start saving now.
Move forward without fee.

Over the years, Beyond Payments has delivered on its promise, providing market-leading eCommerce solutions to our clients, powered by our world-leading payment partner — Fiserv. Offering 24/7 customer support, our dedicated team is only a phone call away. Contact us now, and we’ll help you save on unnecessary online payment fees!

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Upon approval, your new EFTPOS terminal will be delivered and installed. Once set up, you can start saving your business merchant fees and terminal rental costs for the long haul!